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We help warehouses and factories find the Right Person for the Right Job

We use a systematic approach to recruiting that has been proven to be successful.

Problems that TeamOne Staffing Solutions solves


Workers Compensation

Your business deserves the right protection. Make sure you're covered with a tailored workers compensation solution that provides reliable coverage for employees and peace of mind for employers!


Staffing Solutions

Hiring a staffing agency can be a smart decision for businesses that want to streamline their recruitment process, access high-quality candidates, and reduce risk and costs associated with hiring. With the experience, resources, and expertise of a staffing agency like TeamOne Staffing Solutions, businesses can confidently find the right candidate at the right time, every time.


Payroll Management

  • We Upgrade Your Payroll Software

  • Create a Paperless Payroll Process

  • Consolidate Your Pay Schedules

  • Simplify Your Systems

  • Stay Up to Date With State and Federal Tax Requirements

  • Design a System For Calculating Payroll Accrual For Your Staffing Agency

Efficient payroll management is a crucial part of any business. We streamline the process so you can save time, money and resources.

Our Recruiting Methodology



At our company, we take the process of pre-screening staff seriously to ensure only the most qualified and committed candidates are hired. To guarantee a successful hire every time, each applicant is subject to an extensive evaluation that includes background checks, aptitude tests as well as numerous interviews with experienced professionals.



This process requires applicants to demonstrate their professional abilities through tests and assessments, helping employers garner insight into the skillset of each individual before making a hiring decision.



References? Checked. Employment eligibility? Checked through E-Verify. Drug and background? You ask, and we'll check.

We are the best recruitment agency for your factory and warehouse


Our Clients Trust in TeamOne Staffing Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

We are the best at doing payroll, recruitment and workers compensation in New Jersey

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