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77% of companies plan to increase their use of staffing agencies in the next 5 years.

Updated: Jan 11

One reason why this is happening is because hiring through a staffing agency helps find the right person for the right position.

Since the very conception of a company and as long as a company is growing bigger, not only does the need of qualified and trustful staff become a headache for most leaders, but also the company itself needs to have protection from any kind of hassle that may occur.

Finding the right person for the right position is key for the company's success. The right candidate will invest time in your company if you invest time in them. Hold out for the right one, and save yourself both a headache and money down the road.

However, many companies fail to put the time and effort into hiring the right candidate for an open position, and their business suffers for it. So a Staffing Agency can give you this solution in a way that it makes you stay focused on your real business and avoid wasting time and money.

If your company is hurting for help, it can be tempting to fill open positions with the first applicant that walks in. This strategy rarely works. On the other hand, there are numerous benefits to hiring the right person working together with a staffing agency. Let me share 3 of them:

1. It makes you save time. After you onboard a new hire, they should be adding to the productivity of the business, not taking away from it. Yet, the wrong person may require frequent follow-ups, retraining, and even disciplinary action—all things that require your investment to make things right.

Did you know that a staffing agency has a huge data base where to find the right person? A staffing agency has all the tools and resources to make this happen in an adequate time, as soon as the client requires a new hire.

Also, the fact of being active on the different social media platforms makes this work a bit easier to stay in contact with the people all the time. We are all the time on the search - it's part of our work.

2. It reduces your company’s turnover rate. Of all the wasted dollars a company suffers, turnover costs may be the most frustrating. There’s nothing quite like investing time and money into an employee, only to lose them for one reason or another. What could you have done with that money instead?

The fact of nurturing the relationship among employees and employers is a strategy that should start from the very beginning, since the very first time you start selecting the candidate. It is a huge responsibility that has to be in charge of someone who's got the skills and the training to have the eye to see who meets the standards or who doesn't.

3. It protects your image as an employer. Did you hear about the business who can’t seem to keep any employees? That’s not a place most job seekers want to join. Whether your hiring ails are your fault or a symptom of a declining job market, what people say about your company does matter.

Think about the significant damage they can do internally. Do you really want them talking negatively to other team members about their experience and tarnishing your company culture?


So, at the end of the day, working together with a staffing agency has to do with so much communication work so that the employer can have the adequate person who can successfully accomplish the job.

Whenever the employer has the right candidate in required position, it is important to nurture the relationship.

It is not an easy task however when implemented correctly, employers start to see positive results that may last a long time.

So the key questions are: wouldn't it be much easier to do the effort to hire the right person and take care of the talent whenever he/she is in? Wouldn't it be that most leaders are running towards making money and running the business and forget about that their main asset is the employees?

If employers work hand to hand, shoulder to shoulder with a staffing agency to find the right person for the right position, then they should also have a retention methodology for employees who have the potential to help you take the business to the next level.

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