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This is Primarily Companies' main Solution to recruitment expenses

Updated: Jan 5

While the job market in some industries and regions favors employers, candidates with in-demand skills likely won’t have to wait long to find a new opportunity.

Many companies never stopped recruiting talent during the pandemic, and many others have picked up the pace of hiring in recent months.

So for this, different retention strategies are being implemented in various companies.

But there is one powerful strategy that most companies should follow as part of their staff retention strategy and that is "TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT".

Through training and development, companies build workplace relationships and also, develop Future Leaders.

We strongly consider that these two main factors are relevant since nearly 59% of employees claim they had no workplace training.

Whenever employers implement a training and development program in the company, they build up workplace relationships, they provide opportunities for employees to explore new topics, refine their skills and expand their knowledge.

They can also lean on one another for various learning opportunities by collaborating with colleagues who have specific areas of expertise.

Learning from each other’s strengths not only leads to a more well-rounded workforce, but those bonds can also improve retention and engagement.

On the other hand, all companies also need to identify leaders and the best and cheapest way to reach out to one of them is by hiring them from the company itself.

It's a smart strategy to develop future leaders.

Targeting employees with the skills for future leadership can be vital in establishing a business for growth and evolution.

It's important to look for people who exhibit these traits so you can recognize people with leadership potential.

Be an example to the employees you're mentoring by exhibiting leadership qualities in the workplace.

Ask them how they can implement these skills into their daily work and which skills they can work to improve.

In addition, look for chances to reinforce their positive behaviors by telling them what they've done well.

This is a good practice that all leaders must do. No matter what, it is the company's responsibility to have a well designed system of leadership recognition.


The fact of giving employees the opportunity to learn how to support each other through training and development programs makes the company attractive for more other staff and professionals.

Plus, It is smart and the best way to reduce expenses in recruiting from outside.

How do you get new staff?

  • Direct Hiring

  • Staff Agency

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